Thursday, January 18, 2018

Female Psychopaths - What the Opposite Looks Like!

Those of you who have come to my presentations know that at the very end, I mention Darlene, a woman I met while staying at a Vermont inn. She was our breakfast waitress and was so cheerful every morning that I asked her, "What makes you so happy?" She said, "I choose to be happy."

I recently reconnected with Darlene while traveling once again in Vermont. I wondered if Darlene would be as cheerful. She was. I heard happy laughter while she served others and her sincere "...You are most welcome" when others thanked her. Everyone who meets Darlene finds her to be happy, helpful and caring. "I choose to be happy," Darlene says.

According to psychopathy researcher, Lucy Foulkes, the psychopath enjoys being cruel and does not enjoy being kind. In addition, Dr. Robert Hare has said that the psychopath's defining traits, such as pathological lying, deception and manipulation, are clearly the result of choice freely exercised. They choose to be cruel, the opposite of Darlene, who chooses to be happy.

Life is all about the choices you make!