Friday, October 6, 2017

Ferreting out a Psychopath

Often people ask me whether someone they know might be a psychopath, or they may describe certain characteristics and insist someone they know is a psychopath.  My answer is always the same:

"It is very difficult to tell if someone is truly a psychopath.  To be a true clinical psychopath, the person must display an array of well-defined psychopathic characteristics across all aspects of his or her life, personal, social, and business ... and display those traits throughout their entire lives.  To tell if someone is a psychopath requires a comprehensive review of their background, interviews with people who have known them, and ultimately, if possible, an interview with the person conducted by a skilled practitioner specially trained to notice psychopathic characteristics."

While it can be hard to make an actual diagnosis, there are clues to put you on guard ... they all display breathtaking unemotionality and callousness ... they are cunning, shrewd, and prone to boast and exaggerate.  Psychopathic females often employ histrionics and extreme emotionality, going ballistic or gushing. 

For more information, see my website at or my blog  I was a victim of two female psychopaths.