Saturday, September 23, 2017

Clues a Psychopath may be near!

When I do sessions about how to spot a psychopath, I provide some clues that may hint that a psychopath is in your midst.  Here are a few:

Beware of someone telling you "this is confidential."  This can be a trick a psychopath uses to pit one person against another. It can also be a psychopath's way to sidle up to you to make you think how special you are that they are giving you this information.

A psychopath's version of "what happened" is often full of inconsistencies, lies and distortions. Confusion can be a sign of a psychopath's presence in a situation.

Psychopaths like to flatter.  Beware of excessive flatteries ... it can be their tool to build your confidence in them, while they are preparing to exploit you for their own gain.

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Female Psychopaths - Radio Podcast featuring Winifred Rule

Listen to Winifred Rule talking about the Female Psychopath as broadcast on September 4, 2017 on Real Revolution Radio.  Links to the podcast are listed below.  Enjoy!
The Hal Steinhart Show on the Real Revolution Radio Network 2.0:
The Hal Steinhart Show with Special Guest Winifred Rule (Youtube):
The Hal Steinhart Show with Special Guest Winifred Rule (Spreaker):