Saturday, December 31, 2016

Female Psychopaths - A New Year's Resolution

A New Year's Resolution for those that have a psychopathic female in their life.  Stay away from her. 

No matter what you do, no matter what you give, she will remain ungrateful, whether your mother, sister, spouse or alleged friend.  She is extremely envious and desires to obtain everything that she wants since she believes she were cheated out of life’s bounty, and it is up to her to even the score. What she wants is impossible to get.   Mind you, what she wants has no end and brings no satisfaction.  She appreciates nothing.  There is no choice but to avoid her because she will only bring pain, chaos, confusion, and worse.

My book, Born to Destroy, is the first instructional books on the female psychopath in the family setting.  It is my personal story, designed to lend insight to all those confused souls who are living a similar existence as my own.  It may be purchased at and Amazon.